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Organic Microgreens

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Your Garden Gal produces a line of commercial grown organic microgreens.

Organic Microgreens

Microgreens are a hot new trend in the food and nutrition world. People wanting to improve their health and wellness through nutrition are adding highly nutritious microgreens to their smoothies, piling them on sandwiches, and mixing them into salads.

Pea Microgreens

Locally Grown

Locally grown right here in Cornwall, Ontario! I offer a wide variation of microgreens, custom ordered for absolute freshness! Custom blends for new and exciting flavor combinations so you never get bored. Offering popular microgreens such as sunflower, pea shoot, radish and wheatgrass, and even some more uncommon ones too. A fantastic addition for any chef’s menu or just for personal use at home!

Quick Turnaround

Microgreens take anywhere from 8-21 days, depending on various factors such as species of seed, time of year and growing conditions. Once an  order is placed, you can expect delivery within 10 days (we always have the most popular shoots continuously germinating). Special blends will require more time. 

Germinating Microgreens
Organic Microgreens

Healthy & Nutritious

Microgreens are a fabulous way of getting a powerhouse of micro-nutrients into your body. Plant-based foods has been linked to a reduced risk of many health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Plant-based foods also support a healthy complexion, increased energy, lower weight, and longer life expectancy.

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Starting at $5.00

Starting at $5.00

Starting at $5.00

Starting at $5.00

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